Friday, December 22, 2006

Wind mill model using metal acrylic. It cut by laser cutter In fablab .

Students working in fablab .They makes different project . Using all machines .
Vigyan Ashram's model
All objects were cut through laser cutter .Using Qcad drawing programm.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

1.It operates on 230Volt AC.
2.Low cost
3.It's power consumption is 2 watts.
4.It gives light across 180 degree.

LED project fablab india
led lamp are connected in two type's
1) 24 LED connected in series form.
2) 24 LED connected in parallel form.

*24 LED connected in series form
The one LED required 4volt.max imam and 3 LED connected in series that way total voltage is given by .
V=L1+L2+L3 Where L1 is required 4 Volt.
The 3 LED connected series form and required 3 Volt.When Voltage is applied to the across the lead of the LED,and the current start to flow.
LED bulb calculated power
input voltage V=12Volt.
current I=200MA.
calculated power P=VI.

1.It has low cost .
2.Has durability one years.
3.It has required minimum power.

24 LED connected in parallel form.

It has operated 4.5V,to give the 4.5V in connected in parallel form LED,but has required some more power.
LED bulb calculated power
input voltage V=4.5Volt.
current I=600MA.
calculated power P=VI.

1.It's required minimum voltage
2.It has low cost .
3.Has durability one years.
4.It has required minimum power.