Friday, June 29, 2007

L.E.D Products

D.B.R.T student made different types of led lamps in Fab lab.
1. Small Torch.
This torch is working on 9 volt DC battery. You can hang this torch on siling.
2. Big Torch
This torch is working on 6 volt DC battery. This torch is very useful to farmer. They can bring this torch in farm at night. Big light works up to 40 hours and small is up to 80 hours.
3. Emergency Lamp.
This lamp is useful for home. It is working 6 volt DC battery. It works up to 35 hours.

Hearing Aid

This low-cost, general-purpose electronic hearing aid works off 3V DC.
In this circuit, transistor and associated components from the audio signal preamplifier for the acoustic signals picked up by the condenser microphone and converted into corresponding electrical signal. The audio output of this circuit is 10 to 15mW and the quiescent current drain is below 1mA.

Tube Light Booster.

This is an applicative project. Power is a problem in rural Maharashtra and Quality of power just make situation worse. Basawling Patil D.B.R.T student took the initiative to make a tube light booster to solve this problem. This is a low cost device and can be afforded by any household.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Bell-Cum light Controller Circut
Bell cum light controller is a simple project done by DBRT students. There are four switches used in this project.Switch s1 is at the outer entry of the gate and is used by visitor.This switch activates the bell for the duration that switch is pressed.On its released the timer is initialised, which in turn switches on a bulb to light up path between the outer gate and house door.s2 switches on the light in the house for 3 minutes.It is used by the inhibitants of the house.It is used with the darkenss when s4 is ON.
When switch is pressed ON it activates the bell circuit only.It works even if the power is OFF as it runs on 3 volt battery.
switch s4 routes the supply to bulb through the relay.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

L.E.D Training program

Training Program was for IBT instructor and DBRT students from 21st May to 26th May by Sunil Bedse from pabal. Instructor from every corner of Maharashtra attended the program. Emergency torches and LED torches were assemble along with charger circuit.

These instructor will take this knowledge to the school they teach and it is exported at 2500 students will be benefited. We would like to thank DST(Department of science & technology) for helping us to spread the knowledge of LED.
Pedal Power Project

We made a pedal power cycle to generate electricity which in turn will charge the battery.

A uniquely designed flywheel was our innovaton.
It is a monowheel cycle and is attached to AC generator with V belt. We converted AC in DC and gave it to 12volt 32Ahr Battery
. We got 3Ampere Current at 1500 RPM. We used L.E.D lamps for lightning when the battery is charged. LED consumes only 2Watts of power.

We are planning to employ this project in tribal areas and Nomads where grid power is not an option as it is unaffordable to tribals and cannot be given to nomads who keep on moving from one place to another.

This mechanism is a big success in a Thane school where 32 children pedal for 15 minutes a day and develop uninterrupted power for their classrooms.