Sunday, June 03, 2007

Pedal Power Project

We made a pedal power cycle to generate electricity which in turn will charge the battery.

A uniquely designed flywheel was our innovaton.
It is a monowheel cycle and is attached to AC generator with V belt. We converted AC in DC and gave it to 12volt 32Ahr Battery
. We got 3Ampere Current at 1500 RPM. We used L.E.D lamps for lightning when the battery is charged. LED consumes only 2Watts of power.

We are planning to employ this project in tribal areas and Nomads where grid power is not an option as it is unaffordable to tribals and cannot be given to nomads who keep on moving from one place to another.

This mechanism is a big success in a Thane school where 32 children pedal for 15 minutes a day and develop uninterrupted power for their classrooms.


powerimprint said...

I am interested in creating one of these here in the USA. Do you have any certain size AC generator or battery you are using? I would like to have the specifics if you don´t mind!


powerimprint said...

I forgot to leave my e'mail address! here it is,