Friday, July 20, 2007

Emergency Lamp
This circuit consume very less power than CFL lamp and incandescent lamp. The lamp take 6 hours for battery charger and you get 25 hrs backup. Lamp use for farmer on field and best for rural and urban areas.
Making connection for lamp
You can take component as per given part list and first you should identify polarity of all component and then components mounted on Printed Circuit Board (PCB) as per given circuit diagram. When complete soldering then You can connect LED lamp to one side of switch and another side of switch connect side search light and middle terminal of switch connect to battery positive and charger output. The make connection for charger, output from transformer to separate two wire and this wire connect to separate of two diode and this two diode negative will be combine and connect to switch. The separate one diode connect to one wire of transformer for mains ON.


1) It is operates on 6V (4.5AH) battery.
2) Low power consumption. Consumes up to 1.5watt.
3) It gives backup for 25 hours.

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hey friend please help me???
tell me the resistor 470ohms is of how much Watt
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