Friday, July 20, 2007

Low power LED AC Lamp

This lamp use two circuits one is converts AC voltage into DC voltage and second is LEDs circuit. One disadvantage of this circuit is that you can connect more than 20 LEDs in series and parallel combination. It is use as a night lamp or in small room. It’s consume very less power.

Making connection for AC lamp

You can take component as per given component list and first you should identify polarity of all component and then components are mounted on Printed Circuit Board (PCB) as per given circuit diagram. You should take care while soldering and plugging into 230v.


We give 230 volt input to the circuit in circuit reduce current as well as voltage this given to diode bridge circuit. The diode bridge circuit main function is its convert AC voltage into DC voltage and that DC volt given to LED. The LED connect in combination of series and parallel form, If one LED burn then other LEDs will be not problem


1) It operated on 230v AC.
2) Low power consumption up to 3 watt.
3) It works continuously.
4) If any there are any changes in main supply that time there is no effect on LED lamp.


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