Friday, July 20, 2007

LED Charger

A 6V charger was designed and it is a product of Fablab. It is very useful to charge 6v battery. The cost of charger is Rs.85.


goldtrading said...

i need this below sets to my home.I want to buy.
(LED project fablab india,
24 LED connected in series form
24 LED connected in parallel form.
Low power LED AC Lamp, LED Light:A 230 volt tube light like LED is also available. The cost of tube light is about Rs.110. It consumes about 5w of power.)
how much it costs? email, with subject line: led lighting...from hyd,india.

shivach said...

I need to buy this item
not only this but any innovative items from u
can u please provide me the address
iam from Hyderabad
my mobile no is 9949125050